About us

"Saint Maria" has intergrated Chinese and foreign philosophies of early childhood education based on characteristics of children's growth and learning habits coherent with the local education principles while creating a multi-cultural atmosphere for children's growth...

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  • Our Vision

    To become the child's
    initial "human nurture", to
    create the most suitable
    for the young children
    in China.

  • Our Mission

    To give our children the
    most genuine and beautiful
    love so that they can pass
    it on to embrace
    the world.

  • Our Education

    Patient Love Education

  • Our Teachers

    Companions, Discoverers,

  • Our Curriculum

    Multi-cultural Enlightening

  • Our Children

    Persistent, Inspirational,

  • Our Parents

    Far-sighted, Open-minded,

Characteristic course

Saint Maria respects and protects children's curiosity and interest in learning, allowing children to get an extraordinary experience in a rich curriculum: create a full range of bilingual atmosphere; multi-cultural experience in the festival activities; that children are exposed to music, close to the development potential; in the colorful creative art room, be creative and imaginative; exercise in the sports activities, to stimulate the mind; in the "Wheat Ball Manor" close to nature, and enjoy the hands-on fun and joy of harvest.

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